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All dog grooming services include nail trimming and ear cleaning.

The bath regimen:

  • Pre-brushing, two shampoos and the appropriate conditioner for the pet’s skin and hair.
  • Anal gland checked and expressed if requested.
  • Forced drying in the tub for double-coated breeds, then the dog is kenneled with a gentle high volume dryer. Drying is accomplished in the same room as my grooming, so I can monitor all the pets in my care.
  • Final drying is by hand, then brushing to remove any undercoat hair that has been loosened. Dogs with “furnishings, feathers, fluffy feet, and pants” get neatened with scissors.

A full groom is the above complete bath, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and plucked, plus a trim of the entire dog’s body. I do breed specific trims, as well as “kennel cuts” which is the same length all over  and can be whatever length the owner requests as long as the hair is free of matts.  A “teddy bear” face means leave the hair a bit longer and rounder on the head, which is cuter and my preference, but for functionality I will do shorter lengths on the muzzle if requested. I brush out ears and tails and shortened slightly for functionality.

A bath between full trim grooming also includes a sanitary clip, the feet and face neatened as needed.

I make dated notations of the trim given a pet so that I can adjust to an owner’s wishes. Longer when the weather cools, shorter as the weeds and stickers grow, etc. Bichon style face or relaxed topknot on a poodle puppy, later switching to a clean (shaved) face. 


Use a slicker brush to remove grass, stickers, and dead hair before bathing at home, otherwise the dead hair wraps around the live hair and creates matts. I prefer to receive a dirty dog in my shop rather than a recently bathed matted dog. If it’s matted I won’t always be able to de-matt or leave the length you want. For the pet’s comfort it will be clipped as short as necessary. Matted hair doesn’t allow the skin to move normally and increases the chance the clippers may nick the skin. Please do not use scissors at home to cut off matts, it’s not safe.