Puppies should have received at least 2 sets of vaccination shots. A good rule is to get them on the table no later than 4-5 months. This is when they are being socialized and are more accepting of another person handling them. I would rather see them early and often, especially the breeds that will be groomed regularly. These early appointments might just be a bit of brushing, ear hair removal and cleaning, quick nail trim, cleanup in front of the eyes, and sanitary clip, which exposes the puppy to the sound of the clippers.  I demonstrate for the owner ways I hold the face still (a safety issue) so that owners can replicate the actions at home thus getting the puppy adjusted to being handled. Owners should be running a brush over the puppy, handling their paws, and looking in their ears. It’s best to avoid play grabbing at their faces and heads, or making teasing hand gestures because it makes it harder for the groomer to hold them still (since they think I’m playing). Remember I’ve got scissors in my hand! 

cute_puppy_alpine pet grooming

Puppies are the hardest to phone price guesstimate. The first visit I encourage the owner to stay if possible since it shouldn’t take too long. While shampooing and drying, I use the time to answer other questions they may have (house breaking, crate training, interactions with children, etc.).  Most customers are pleasantly surprised, because I do charge less for puppies (some salons charge more because they consider puppies a hassle!) Hopefully I will be grooming your puppy for a long time and I want to get them started right. Good dog behavior results in a less expensive groom charge, because it generally translates to a more efficient and better grooming experience for both the puppy and me.