Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does grooming take?

Small dogs are generally ready in 90-120 minutes. Large dogs I estimate 3 hours minimum, multiple dogs from one household is going to extend the time. My clientele includes dogs from Ft Davis, Marfa, Presidio, Terlingua, BBNP, Marathon, various ranches, and RVers. Since I stagger my appointments throughout the day I can usually be flexible and work around other time commitments you may have (doctor, chiropractor, hair, nail, vet appointments) meaning I can either keep your pet longer (to allow additional time for shopping and errands) or shorter because you need to return home sooner.

What do you charge?

Over the phone I give a general price based on size and breed, I charge based on how much “hands on time” it ultimately takes. Brushing is a big factor in that time. I brush before and after the bath. For bath dogs, owners want less shedding! For trim dogs I need a clean un-matted fluffed coat to produce the best haircut.

Ballpark price examples for a full trim:  Yorkie $30, Shih Tzu $38, Schnauzer $40, Cocker Spaniel $45, Standard Poodle $65,

Bath and brush”:  Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland check: Chihuahua or Daushound $15, Pug $20, Border Collie or Aussie $35-45

How often should my dog be groomed?

In most cases I will be able to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you within a few days.

Do you do cats?  

Yes. I ask the owner to stay the first time I see their cat, so we can both assess the cats’ temperament and stress level during the comb out, and make decisions on the type of grooming to be done. I use this time to answer questions and give the owner tips on combing and bathing their cat. Please click here for more on cat grooming.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes.  Call me at 432-837-1737, I try to answer all calls when I am in the shop. Please leave a message if I don’t pick up, with your name, number and type of grooming you are wanting. I try to return calls within 24 hours. Nail clipping only is available whenever I am at the shop, just call to make sure I am there!

Can I book a standing appointment?

I prefer not to book too far in advance because I am too busy to make reminder calls.  I will book an appointment a few weeks out for owners with special plans. Example: returning from a vacation when their pet has been boarded, taking a road trip with their pet, etc. I try to be flexible and accommodating to all my customers, so Saturday and late day appointments are common, and a same day bath for skunk or flea treatment are usually possible.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or check, sorry I do not accept debit or credit cards.

Do you offer boarding?

No, grooming keeps me very busy. The two Alpine Vets offer boarding and there are a few In-Home Sitter services. Consider a neighbor for the chore; your animals are usually less stressed if they remain in their home environment. If the neighbors have responsible children you might consider paying them for playtime or walks. Introductions a couple of weeks in advance, a few walks, and you’ll feel more comfortable leaving your pets behind when you need to travel.

Is it safe to “shave” a Border Collie? Australian Shepard? Golden Retriever, etc?

Usually Yes. I use a number 7 blade, which leaves approximately a quarter inch of hair. Although a clean un-matted coat is the best sun protection for a dog, many of our ranch dogs get matted and then it’s about function.  I have seen older Labradors missing hair on a back leg, which can happen because a surgical blade (30 or 40) cuts so close to the skin it can potentially damage the hair follicles and hair doesn’t regrow.

Do you bathe/trim large dogs? Yes


Claudia in the tub