Meet the Staff




Credentials and experience:

I attended a California grooming school in 2001, completing 528 hours working in a large, well established salon. Training was 6 days a week, including coursework, videos, demos, and hands on. This training was very valuable and enabled students (5 in my class) to gain experience on all the

specific breed trims (ex. 100-120 pets groomed each Saturday) as well as the customer and business side of grooming. Working in the salon along side 6 master groomers, 3 bathers, a dedicated cat groomer, 2 receptionists, and  the owner as our primary instructor, we learned you have two clients, the owner and the pet. Understanding the owner’s desired trim requires good communication, and the pet’s experience needs to be positive, comfortable, and stress free.

I have no employees, so I am responsible for all aspects of the grooming experience. I use high quality natural products, and excellent equipment for

both my safety and your pet’s.  ‘Pet Grooming by Regina’ in Alpine Texas has been my business for over  10 years and I feel blessed everyday to  be trusted and appreciated by the wonderful people of the Big Bend Area.


kilo_socializeMy schnauzer is with me everyday. She greets in the morning and helps socialize puppies






Born 12-12-12, he loves retrieving the ball. He throws it back at you, or blocks your soccer kick. Reason we started “Fetch Fridays”!